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Embrace Your Enoughness The Everyday Hero Within

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

Who is your hero? What do you consider “hero” characteristics to be? If you are a child, you might say some fictional children’s book character is your hero, or perhaps you might say your dad. As we grow older, we may consider those putting their lives in peril to be true heroes. The truth is, all who serve our country or strive to keep peace and protect the citizens of this country are heroes. Those who stand for truth and are loyal to their values and beliefs are heroes.

Have you ever thought of yourself as a hero? You may balk at that thought but hear me out and consider these ideas:

A hero is kind, even when under distress. A hero serves others. A hero is a survivor. A hero defends freedom, has courage, and takes action in spite of fear. A hero is someone who can be counted on, someone to trust and a positive influence for good. A hero is one who does his/her best without fanfare or seeking the praise of others, because that is who they are.

What have you accomplished? What have you endured? What heartbreak have you been through? What event did you survive?

We all have things that have tested us, stretched us and have changed us. But through it all, you woke up, got up, and showed up. Now, that is the “hero” within you.

I’m sure you remember a popular song a few years ago by Mariah Carey, entitled “Hero,” and perhaps you may even remember all or part of the words. I love these words:

“Look inside you and be strong. And you'll finally see the truth, That a hero lies in you,”

Can you see your beautiful soul? Can you feel how amazing and strong you really are? Can you forgive yourself of your humanness and weaknesses and celebrate your strengths and the lessons learned?

Can you look inside and see that you truly are an everyday hero and that you are enough?

Here is a powerful activity to do: Find a mirror and look deep into your eyes. Don’t look at any of your features; just look deep into your eyes, and tell yourself how much you love you.

Say your name and say, “I love you!” Can you see that hero within yourself? Can you celebrate you?

When you give yourself permission to love you, life will be less stressful and more peaceful and happy. When you can feel your beautiful soul is enough, it will be easier for you to Embrace your Enoughness.

If you need some encouragement, I’m here for you.

Love and blessings!

Rosemary Evans

Children’s Book Author

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