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Rosemary R. Evans’ four published children’s picture books have won the Mom’s Choice Awards Gold Medal for Excellence in Children’s Literature, and the Royal Dragonfly Book Awards First Place. The two Tina books received the #1 Best Seller International Award in their respective Amazon categories.

The books are beautifully illustrated by Erin Taylor, with detailed images to stimulate the imaginations of readers of all ages. Her inspiration for writing children’s books is her 14 grandkids. She says they have the most delightful and incredible imaginations, and she always feels inspired by them.

She recently published her first pre-teen adventure series, The Alaric Trilogy. The books in the series are Alaric and the Raven Queen, Alaric and the Return of the Raven, and The Raven Queen Revealed.

Originally from Ontario, Canada, Rosemary moved to the US when she was nineteen and has lived in Oregon for the past 31 years. She is the mother of four children and the grandmother of 14 and lives with her husband Richard in Lake Oswego, OR.

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Hello!  My name is Rosemary Evans, and I want to introduce you to my magical worlds of words.  But honestly, they are not just words; they actually mean something and can help you to think about your thinking or help your child to see their great potential and live their purpose.​

Come with me into three of my worlds: ​

Join me in Fairyland and meet cute Tina and her family and friends,

or visit the dark underworld with Alaric and discover how he deals with adversity and outsmarts the evil Raven Queen;

and, be sure to check out my e-books in the Change Your Script, Change Your Life Series, that will help you identify and embrace the truth of your enoughness.

Check back often - There are six more books in the Tina series coming soon.

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