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Embrace Your Enoughness - Pink Crayon

Updated: Dec 15, 2019

The Enoughness Blog. 11/25/2019.

Many years ago, I read an article about a mother taking her child to kindergarten on the first day. The teacher asked each of the children to choose their favorite color of crayon and write down their name on a sheet of paper. When it was this particular child’s turn, she just stood there and didn’t choose a crayon or write her name.

The teacher responded that it was o.k. She would learn in her class how to write her name. The mother of the child took the child aside and said to her: “Why didn’t you write your name, honey? You know how to write your name.” The little girl replied, “Because she said to choose my favorite color of crayon, and my favorite color is pink, and there were no pink crayons.”

We can make all sorts of assumptions if we are not aware of how someone else is thinking. I’ve heard over and over my whole life that if you don’t have a college degree, then you are not very smart and will not amount to anything. True, getting a degree is a good indicator that you are self-disciplined and that you can focus. We all know of people who have accomplished so much without a degree, but somehow we’re surprised when this happens and think perhaps it was just “luck.”

We can buy into all the lies told to us, and it can make us feel like we are not enough or smart enough or any of the enough’s. But, the great thing about learning is that it is a lifelong endeavor, or should be.

When we dedicate ourselves to learning new ideas, it changes who we are. It helps us to see the world with new eyes.

I just read about an illustrator who became well known because of her children’s book “The Wonky Donkey” and how getting this recognition helped her feel validated. As a student, she felt “not enough,” as she struggled with all her subjects. The only time she felt fulfilled was when she went into her happy place and let the magic happen through her fingers, drawing all those characters that wanted a voice. I like this statement she made: “There is no resistance in playfulness.” She sings and makes faces as she imagines what her characters are feeling. It is indeed a playful time, even though she is putting a lot of time, effort and work into making her characters come to life to delight her readers.

Often we let other’s opinions determine our happiness. The emotions we choose are reflected in our body and mind and show up as feeling good about ourselves, or feeling that we are lacking. We can be true to who we are and live our authentic life. We won’t need someone else to validate us. We will have the knowledge that we are doing exactly what we are here to do. Our heart, mind, and body will feel the contentment and peace in knowing we are enough.

So stop, take an admiring look at yourself and see all that you have accomplished and overcome in your life. Let the past be the past, and remember it is just yesterday’s news, and not that interesting. Live in the now, appreciate and love this very moment. This is your life; live it to the fullness of who you are. Then you are free to love you and Embrace your beautiful Enoughness.

If you need some encouragement, I’m here for you.

Love and blessings!

Rosemary Evans

Children’s Book Author

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