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Embrace Your Enoughness - Feelings

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

I heard this quote recently, from Dr. Joe Dispenza: "Feelings have become the way of thinking."

Whenever we have a thought that brings up uncomfortable feelings, such as anger, frustration, sadness, etc., either from the past or even in the present, we need to stop ourselves and not react to the "feeling." Instead, we should ask ourselves some vital questions before we accept those emotions and feelings as facts. It is highly likely that they may be irrational, and sorry to say, but they may not even be true.

I think most of us have seen the cute children’s Disney movie "Inside-Out", which is also in chlidren’s book format, and are aware of how our emotions can rule our life. Our "feelings" can wipe us out and steal our joy, our purpose, and our vitality. We cause ourselves a lot of pain by not controlling our feelings and not getting the facts.

It can make us react in an unkind way to others when we don't fully know the whole story of why they are doing what they do, and we can add to the problem instead of being the answer.

But Wait! Aren't we supposed to be spontaneous and go with the flow? Yes, if the feelings bring well being, then be spontaneous and let all that joy, smiles and laughter spill out into the atmosphere. But if it is bringing up feelings of not enough, jealousy, or contention, and causing you or someone around you any pain or discomfort, then it is time to go back and re-visit that feeling. It the feeling is causing discomfort in any form, ask yourself some questions. This is the time to get very honest and very clear, (which is called "critical thinking”) so you can act from a place of calmness, love, and peace, especially for yourself.

Let's be passionate and be a voice for good, but if we go off without the facts, we are only adding more turmoil to the situation. So, slow down, think about your thinking and act and speak from a voice of knowing, because you have your emotions in check.

Remember that "feelings" are just that and do not represent the whole picture. Our brains are very good at making "stuff' up that may not even come close to the facts. It may just be hearsay, or assumptions, or maybe what we want to believe,

but not necessarily the truth.

We make up stories about ourselves, and we make up stories about others, without knowing the rest of the story. Ofttimes these thoughts are not kind, fair or loving thoughts but thoughts that put us or others in a bad light.

When someone is distressed for any reason, let love be the answer. When you are going through something emotional, let love be what you give yourself. But through it all do not let those emotional thoughts or words be the final judgment or final decision. When we can take out all the emotion, we will come up with a better outcome for everyone: a win-win for all because it will feel right and it really will help us to embrace our Enoughness.

If you need some encouragement, I’m here for you.

Love and blessings!

Rosemary Evans

Children’s Book Author

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