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Embrace Your Enoughness

Updated: Feb 14, 2019



The Enoughness Blog 2/14/2019

Disclaimer: I believe every word I have written, but I am a work in process and still working on becoming, so I write this Blog mostly for myself but hopefully something in my words will help you to see your greatness.

We all have days when we second guess ourselves and feel less than our best. We all have days when we feel we are not enough…not pretty enough, not smart enough and not skinny enough. We all tell ourselves untrue stories about ourselves. We end up sabotaging ourselves, and in turn, we do not have the life we long for, which then becomes a vicious cycle because we use that against ourselves.

Our untrue stories about us are based on our interpretation of what we experienced as a child. If our caregivers had challenges of their own with their own flawed perceptions, we end up being influenced and come away with feelings of not enough.

I am the 6th child of 7 kids. My dad decided after five children that he didn’t want to be married any longer and left my mom. My mom had no means of supporting herself and moved back in with her parents. My grandmother had poor health, and that situation became too hard on everyone. My grandfather owned several old houses, and he gave one of those houses to my mom, so she had a place to call home. My parents never divorced but lived apart until my dad retired from his employment. Obviously, my parents got together from time to time as two more children, myself, and my younger sister came along.

To be honest, we were a family in crisis both financially and emotionally. Because of that, I longed for stability in my life. My imagination became my escape, and through reading books, I learned about the world. When I wasn’t working, cleaning, or cooking, which I started doing at a young age, I would spend my spare time reading and dreaming.

I discovered in all that I read that life is not about who is right, but it’s about our perceptions and how those perceptions can stop us from living a successful life, and those perceptions may be stealing our joy.

Everything we are today is because of what we are thinking and the stories we are telling ourselves. If our early years, especially up to age seven, were not filled with love, tenderness, and encouragement, then we need to go back now and love that little child within and tell him/her that they are safe and loved and you will stand up for them. Yes, we need to love ourselves deeply in a healthy way and see how amazing we truly are.

Everything you need to know is already within you. What results do you want? Using your imagination, how does that feel?

The truth is that your destiny is always in your hands. Tell yourself that today is your day to shine; that you support you, and that you have a divine purpose because you do. It is not just by chance that you are here; you have a calling and a purpose, but it is your choice to claim it and have the life of your dreams. The time has come to let your light shine, love yourself, and show the world and yourself, your Enoughness.

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